Monday, November 23, 2009

Rock & Roll Down Time

These are some of my favorite in-between moments over the past two years while being on the road with The Brew.

Chris (vocals,keys) and Andrew (sound) at Moe.Down 2008, killing time clapping before the 3 set madness.

A motley crew at Moe.Down (Chris, Dave, The Hare, Labella and his mustache-for-Moe.down).

Chris gets the giggles before a St.Lawrence show.

A staffer in the green room at Gathering of The Vibes asks me to photograph his film tattoo.
An experiment in exposure and timing before the Skowhegan ME show with Grace Potter, allowed me to get this lit bulb in the darkness with Dave D (vocals, Guitar)

Bruce Hornsby side stage at the Lowell show (2008) as the band wraps up opening set.

Bobby Read (Producer of Back To The Woods, Hornsbys horn section) joins the band onstage for "Baby You're A Rich Man".

Dave and Joe (vocals,bass) setting up for recording in Glenwood Studios, Burbank, CA.

Killing time in the hotel parking lot with Joe (Burbank, CA)

One of my personal heros Tim Phillips with a fresh coat of paint (such a trooper) waiting backstage to sit in with the band at The Paradise in Boston, MA.

These confident men dressed as 80's female pop stars for Halloween. Chris gets a stretch in and the band eats a meal before hitting the stage.

Post show, a Rock, Paper, Scissor Tournament was held. 22 people competed, but alas there was only one winner. Quinn.

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