Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A little experiment...

Technology these days is a lot keep up with. Part of working in media and print is keeping up with the new tools, software, equipment and techniques that come out on the daily, which seems like an entire job on its own. Today I had to quickly learn how to turn pictures or video into a 2D image (i.e. A Scanner Darkly, Charles Schwab commercials). Knowing this would take an hour or two of staring at one image I decided to use some faces I love seeing- my best friends Quinn and Mel. Hey guys!

Using photos where the faces are taking up most of the frame is recommended.

Using Illustrator I drew over their faces with the pencil tool in black. I think this is a fun method because you can get as abstract as you like, and also really focus on the expressions of your subject. From here you add color layers beneath the black layer, Im sure you can spend hours perfecting the shades used but I kind of rushed through this part.

Lookin' sexy! Once you're happy or fed up just delete the picture layer underneath and look at your new artwork!

Doesn't quite do them justice, but at least its interesting to look at!

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