Thursday, December 10, 2009

Different Poses

Over the past six months I have had the pleasure of working on a short film written and directed by one of my all-time favorite creative minds, Ms. Jenny Plante. The fact that she is also my cousin is irrelevant but an added bonus is that this allows us to block scenes out telepathically. The film "Different Poses" is in its final stages of post-production but here are some stills I was able to grab from the compressed version. Upon completion it will be sent out to various International and National Film Festivals.

Cinematography by Dylan Law, Digital photography by Jenny Plante, Assistant Photography by Tom Crenshaw.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Rainy day to replicate.

I love a good challenge. I also love putting effort into developing pieces over multiple drafts or efforts, but rarely have the excuse/time/or energy to do so. I was recently commissioned to replicate a painting I did a year ago of my grandfathers bass. I took the photograph in 2007 for a film class, then painted it in 2008. The challenge here was that I had one day to do it.

Grandfathers Standup, 2007

Grandfathers Standup (oil pastel on Canvas) 2008

This is about 1/3 way through, all I had for a camera here was the one on my mac which clearly isn't the best. I wanted to fine tune this version. The painting is going to a Berklee professor and it'd be slightly embarrassing if it looked like a mess.

For this version I decided to use acrylic instead of oil pastel, and for a background I applied a cracking undercoat to the gold base.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Vinter Veekend. Yah.

Still in denial about the Winter Season despite the bare landscapes and frosted windows, so I tried to get it through my head the only way I know how
-with photography.
Also something about Winter makes me replace my W's with V's....I vonder vhy.

I shot this very high tide at my parents property. The water was almost level with the land after two weeks of on/off rain....yay....winter...

Then the snow came.

On Sunday I stopped over at Sunkist Studios to lay down some vocal tracks for a project arranged by my personal hero, Tim Phillips. Since I am shameless about having my camera ever-present I decided to take a few portrait shots of the man, using my new ring flash. No one is safe around me.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Solid week. Rock. Solid.

Ring Flash came today :)
Its been a great week at work, while patiently waiting the arrival of the long awaited ring flash purchase! Success! Which will only mean lots of new photography to come. Also working hard on designing the new studio, which is a little like living in a dream. Probably why I feel the need to document everything to make sure its actually real. Still not convinced.