Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Rainy day to replicate.

I love a good challenge. I also love putting effort into developing pieces over multiple drafts or efforts, but rarely have the excuse/time/or energy to do so. I was recently commissioned to replicate a painting I did a year ago of my grandfathers bass. I took the photograph in 2007 for a film class, then painted it in 2008. The challenge here was that I had one day to do it.

Grandfathers Standup, 2007

Grandfathers Standup (oil pastel on Canvas) 2008

This is about 1/3 way through, all I had for a camera here was the one on my mac which clearly isn't the best. I wanted to fine tune this version. The painting is going to a Berklee professor and it'd be slightly embarrassing if it looked like a mess.

For this version I decided to use acrylic instead of oil pastel, and for a background I applied a cracking undercoat to the gold base.

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